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Top 10 Best Cities In Belgium To Visit

by Anuradha Sah
Best Cities in Belgium

If you want to visit the top best cities in Belgium then we will give you some good information about Belgium and its beautiful cities. Nowadays when we think about Belgium, then the first thoughts that come to our mind are Chocolate, Waffles, Fries, and Brussels such as the center of Europe. Here we will give you information about the Cities in Belgium to visit and the origin of its history and the events that shaped its cultural identity as a nation and its people.

Belgium has the most beautiful, and romantic places where you want to visit and achieve more memorable things. You can make your wonderful vacation with here modern culture, old castles, mansions, museums, churches to modern architecture, shopping arcades and other more entertainment in these fantastic places. Here we give you 10 best cities to visit in Belgium.

List Of 10 Best Cities In Belgium To Visit

Here I will give you the top 10 best cities in Belgium with complete information, which will definitely make your trip memorable while you are in this beautiful country of Belgium.

  1. Bruges
  2. Brussels
  3. Ghent
  4. Antwerp
  5. Ardennes
  6. Mechelen
  7. Tournai
  8. Leuven
  9. Dinant
  10. Mons

Top Cities In Belgium To Visit

If you want to search the best cities in Belgium for your next holiday trip then here we will give you a list of the famous cities in Belgium. Let’s check the top cities in Belgium to visit

  1. Bruges


Bruges is one of the most well-preserved medieval best cities in Belgium of the Europes, which is located in northwestern Belgium. It was an important center for the Flemish arts and textiles industry and is known today for its beautiful canals. Where you can see historic districts and beautiful old architecture with old-world charm and a romantic atmosphere in Bruges, Belgium.

If you want top cities to visit in Belgium then Bruges should be your first choice. Here you must visit popular historic buildings like Market Square and Huis Bouchaute and the Provinciaal Hof is a fine example of Gothic architecture. You should not forget the Liberty of Bruges, the former home of the law courts and the current home of the Bruges Tourist Office. You must also visit The Groeninge Museum and Memling Museum, where you can get more information about the history of Bruges.

  1. Brussels


Brussels is the most popular best city in Belgium that is known for its diversity of sightseeing sites and places of interest. It is the Capital of Belgium and is organized as the headquarters of many European institutions. It was founded in the 13th century, which was the Grand Place in the center of the city.

There are many other places of interest like the Gothic-style town hall so you can see plenty of terrace cafes and pubs around here. You must spend your time shopping and it’s very enjoyable with a glass-roof arcade filled with shops, cafes, and theaters, between the Galleys Saint Hubert. It is the most popular and beautiful place for all types of holiday, so you make a plan to visit Brussels from the list of the best cities in Belgium.

  1. Ghent


Ghent is not only the largest best city in Belgium but is also the best kept secret history of Belgium. It was one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in Belgium, Europe. You can clearly see the influence of the past here by looking at the grand architecture of churches and houses of wealthy merchants in Ghent, Belgium.

If you want to visit the best tourist cities in Belgium then you must visit Ghent. It breathes the atmosphere of a thriving late-medieval city-state, including a particularly spectacular Old Grassleigh Harbor, and the grand medieval cathedral, and the Grenvenstein palace.

  1. Antwerp


Antwerp is the best city in Belgium where you can see the mixture of modern life and history. The language spoke here is Dutch. The city has long been known as a major center for craftsmen and artists, as well as an active trade port. You can find more historic buildings like Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Rubens’ House which are open to the public.Antwerp is the best city in Belgium for family and friends, and it has more excellent attractions for you.

You should not forget Chocolate Nation where you can learn about Belgium chocolate. On your visit with your kids, Antwerp Zoo is perfect for you, where you can see approx 6,000 animals. Antwerp’s museum is the best museum in Belgium and the Museum Aan De Stroom is the most popular museum where you can get more information about both local and global history.

  1. Ardennes


If you want to visit the hilly destination of the best cities in  Belgium then Ardennes is perfect for you, where you can see lots of hills, forests, and more outdoor adventures. If you like wildlife then Belgium is the right place where you can see wild animals like Lynx, deer,  and wild boar.

Ardennes is one of the best tourist cities in Belgium where you can do more outdoor adventures like hiking, trekking, camping, and biking. It is known for its tight forests, caves, and cliffs. You must visit the city of Namur it makes a great base from where you can explore the Ardennes and has some beautiful sights itself too.

  1. Mechelen


Mechelen is one of the best cities to stay in Belgium where you can see lots of historical centers still retaining their grandeur and beauty. It is located between Brussels and Antwerp and a hidden Flemish gem in northern Belgium. You must visit this central square as it is very beautiful. You can see there St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and a peaceful cafe.

Mechelen is a great picturesque city which offers everything required for a holiday trip. You should not forget to visit the world-famous carillon bell-ringing which provides an atmospheric sound for the school students to drink coffee in the pavement cafe. The other main attractions included the Gothic and Baroque Church and the famous St. Rumbold’s Tower.

  1. Tournai


If you want the best cities to see in Belgium then Tournai is the best, and it is one of the oldest towns near the French border. Four hundred year ago Tournai was founded by the Romans in 50 C.E. was the birthplace of Clovis, the first king of France. You can see the stunning views of Tournai and bell tower with approx 257 stairs for climbing.

In Tournai, you can explore more than the 2000 years of the rich culture in the best cities to go in Belgium. You can visit The Museum of Fine Arts, which is filled with masterpieces from primitive and contemporary artists ranging. You can also see here the 12th and 13th centuries Construction like the cathedral houses the Shrine of Our Lady and works by Ruvens and Jordaens.

  1. Leuven


Leuven is the best city to stay in Belgium for younger people. Yes, this best student city in Belgium in east Brussels is known for its breweries. You can see here the 15th-century town hall with its tall spires, on the central square. Here the buildings are very beautiful and decorated with hundreds of statues with it is local figures, biblical characters, and famous saints.

Leuven is a perfect vacation spot for kids because it is like a little Disney city, with super cute, clean, safe, and great public services. It is also a paradise for students, young tourists and is the best city to live in Belgium for students. It has the largest and highest-ranked university in Belgium, as well as one of the most famous universities in Europe, home to the student population. While in Leuven you must visit Oude Market where you see lots of unique shops, bars, and cafes.

  1. Dinant


Dinant one of the most unique places to visit in Belgium is a Walloon Region. It is stretched out on the banks of the Meuse River and backed by dramatic cliffs just behind the city center. You definitely will love this impressive attraction here. If you are a heritage lover then you will love to come and see the most visiting castles and abbeys here.

Dinant is a really great picture-postcard city in Belgium that offers stunning spectacle views especially when you look at the Collegiate Church’s citadel and the onion-domed tower. All the riverfront houses and shops look like ribbons. The caves of Han and the Grotto of Dinant are some of the natural attractions where you definitely want to visit this one of the best cities in Belgium to live.

  1. Mons


If you want to the best cities to travel in Belgium then Mons is perfect for you where you can see its stunning ringing of the city’s magnificent belfry bells. It is descended from the 80-meter tower. It is also the capital of the province Hainaut. You should also visit Gothic- style Mons town hall and the Collegiate Church of Saint-Vadru that has a great collection of the 16th century Jacques du Brusuc Alabaster’s statues.

Mons is a perfectly delightful medieval center and picturesque for best cities to visit in Belgium one day trip. The modern museums, as well as great bars and restaurants, are very interesting places to visit. In the Mons best time to visit is during the annual street festivals.


What Is The Most Beautiful City In Belgium?

All the cities in Belgium are beautiful but if you want one name then Brussels is the one

What Is The Best City To Live In Belgium?

If you are searching for the best city to live in in Belgium then we will give you a list.

  • Bruges
  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Antwerp
  • Tournai
  • Leuven
  • Dinant

What Are 3 Major Cities In Belgium?

The three major cities in Belgium are

  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Antwerp

Is Brussels Or Bruges Better?

If you want to choose the best town between Brussels and Bruges then it’s a very difficult task. Brussels is an interesting city with a penalty of attractions like architecture, good food, nightlife and includes so much in mixed culture. Bruges is the perfect city for your short trips as it is  a small, quaint medieval, and relaxing tourist place with luxury.


These are the best cities in Belgium, where you should visit with your family and friends. You can see here many beautiful, romantic places and get great experiences. It has many picturesque, charming, and quaint cities which makes your vacation awesome. You can’t ignore the incredible architecture and scenic small cities. While in Belgium you should not miss the chocolate, coffee, waffles, frites, beer, and more. Belgium is the most popular and beautiful place for all types of holiday, so you make a plan to visit the best cities in Belgium.

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